Timber Framing

The Oak Timber Framing Process

The Oak Framing process is steeped in tradition, we believe in upholding that tradition by using traditional hand tools and methods.

All oak framed buildings are designed using a grid system in bays, it is important that your designer appreciates this.

1. Architectural Drawings or sketches of your building proposal are discussed with us.

2. We produce preliminary frame layout sketches and a budget estimate.

3. Consultations with your architect will ensure that the building fully meets your requirements. This stage is not always required however it helps to fit the oak frame with any further plans or ideas.

4. Possible revisions to the original drawings incorporating the frame details and any changes. We will then produce detailed frame drawings, a cutting list and a formal quotation. We can provide planning and development plans and surveys if required.

5. We produce working drawings and engineers calculations and these are then submitted for your approval.

6. We order the oak from which your structure will be built.

7. When it arrives all of the oak is framed, jointed, numbered and laid out in our yard before it’s delivered to your site.

8. The frame arrives at the site and is erected as per your requirements.

9. Your frame is finished!


We have the ability to undertake projects of all shapes, sizes and scale, all of which can be discussed in your initial consultation with James or Edward.